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That Playcentre Life

Playcentre! That place behind the fence which you drive past and wonder "What happens there?". That thing that you've heard about and wondered "Is that for me and my child?". Is it a playgroup? Is it a daycare? A kindy? Well... no, it's not any of those. For anyone reading from overseas (and, anyone brand… Continue reading That Playcentre Life

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“Go Outside and Play”

Hi everyone, happy New Year! OK, that's a bit late I know. It is almost March, after all. I haven't been blogging lately. We went on a giant massive holiday and I've really only just settled back into the routine of the year. Plus, my baby girl is one now, and not napping for quite… Continue reading “Go Outside and Play”

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Blutrack Review – award winning STEM toy

Do you have little people in your houseย who are car racing crazy? Then I want to introduce to you the BluTrack Racetrack. My clever sister-in-law gifted this to us for Christmas last year, and it's been an absolute hit with our two eldest kids (who are aged 4 and 3 years old). We've used it… Continue reading Blutrack Review – award winning STEM toy