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Homemade Gummies – not as difficult as you’d think.

When I first saw bloggers/other Mums making their own gummies I thought "woah, that's hard core, they must be super-mums". Nevertheless, the more I read the recipes, the easier it seemed to be. Call me a super-mum, whatever....I'm actually not - I find making gummies FAR easier than baking! I EVEN MAKE THEM WITH THE… Continue reading Homemade Gummies – not as difficult as you’d think.

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Mindful Moments Easing my Days

Mindfulness; the small act of taking notice, of being present, of becoming grounded. Iโ€™ve been practicing this this lately. Because I've been having some hard moments in the last few weeks. Itโ€™s been the first few weeks of starting school, of changing routines. My mind has been full. Full to overflowing of supporting my children,… Continue reading Mindful Moments Easing my Days

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From Hindrance to Helpful: Jobs for Kids at the Campsite

We've just returned from five days camping, and now that I've recovered, I can sit down and write this story that's been on my mind. This is a story about how my six year old was pushing allll of my buttons, and could have easily resulted in me blowing my top at him, but instead… Continue reading From Hindrance to Helpful: Jobs for Kids at the Campsite

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Ode to the Preschool Years

Here's to not living by the ringing of the school bell. Here's to the slow mornings, the late starts, trying to make it to kindy on time. Being waylaid again by yet another dead bumble bee that needs examining and carpets of fallen kowhai blossoms and fuzzy pussy-willows.   Here's to the hours of play… Continue reading Ode to the Preschool Years