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Toy Review: Magnatiles

Today I'm going to talk about the toy that gets played with the most in our house: Magnatiles. I always feel a bit hesitant to blog about toys, because I really don't want to feed into parents' feelings of "needing" to buy for their kids. But what I am passionate about is parents providing… Continue reading Toy Review: Magnatiles

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Our “Science Board” (aka Bug Collection).

We have a collection of bugs in my son's room. Dead bugs. Creepily stuck to a pin-board, dead as a doornail, along with other flora that he's collected over the last year. In this house, I've had to learn to love bugs and not be freaked out by them or their creepy crawly nature. I… Continue reading Our “Science Board” (aka Bug Collection).

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“Go Outside and Play”

Hi everyone, happy New Year! OK, that's a bit late I know. It is almost March, after all. I haven't been blogging lately. We went on a giant massive holiday and I've really only just settled back into the routine of the year. Plus, my baby girl is one now, and not napping for quite… Continue reading “Go Outside and Play”

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Stress-Free Christmas Decorating with Kids

‘Tis the season, people! Time to get that tree out and decorate it all just so. Ah, Christmas joy! Until... here comes the toddler! Yep, having a little person around (or three, in my case) means those wonderfully placed decorations are unlikely to stay "just so" for very long, are they. However you choose navigate this… Continue reading Stress-Free Christmas Decorating with Kids