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Mindful Moments Easing my Days

Mindfulness; the small act of taking notice, of being present, of becoming grounded. I’ve been practicing this this lately. Because I've been having some hard moments in the last few weeks. It’s been the first few weeks of starting school, of changing routines. My mind has been full. Full to overflowing of supporting my children,… Continue reading Mindful Moments Easing my Days

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What do Occupational Therapists Actually DO? (and why I blog…)

Things have been a bit quiet over here in blog-land... we had a family holiday and I took a little break from all things social media related. There's a few posts that I'm working on but one thing that's been mulling over in my mind is about the reason why I started to blog. And… Continue reading What do Occupational Therapists Actually DO? (and why I blog…)