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The Weight of Parenting is Getting Lighter

After living in what seems like a blur of three small children for the last few years, I can feel the weight of parenting getting lighter. When you're in that blur of the first few years, the load can seem heavy and the work non-stop. Always fixing the meals, dressing the little people, being 100%… Continue reading The Weight of Parenting is Getting Lighter

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Increasing Your Daily Joy

I’ve been on a “Joy Spotting” mission lately. Joy Spotting is intentionally seeking out and taking notice of small pockets of joy. A few months ago I watched a TED talk that was doing the rounds. The speaker, Ingrid Fetell Lee, was dressed in a brightly coloured dress, and she just seemed to radiate JOY.… Continue reading Increasing Your Daily Joy

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Positive Parenting; who are you influenced by?

Two years ago, I was having an extremely hard time in my mothering role. I was in a mothering funk. I had lost my mothering mojo. Basically, I hated my job. Which is actually really hard to say, because my "job" is raising my kids. Of course I didn’t hate my actual kids (hardly even… Continue reading Positive Parenting; who are you influenced by?

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Book Review: Balanced and Barefoot

Recently I have been re-reading one of my favourite parenting books: "Balanced and Barefoot: How Unrestricted Outdoor Play Makes for Strong, Confident, and Capable Children", By Angela J. Hanscom This book was the spark that ignited my passion for nature play. This book is one of the reasons why I decided to start blogging. This book… Continue reading Book Review: Balanced and Barefoot