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Stress-Free Christmas Decorating with Kids

‘Tis the season, people! Time to get that tree out and decorate it all just so. Ah, Christmas joy! Until... here comes the toddler! Yep, having a little person around (or three, in my case) means those wonderfully placed decorations are unlikely to stay "just so" for very long, are they. However you choose navigate this… Continue reading Stress-Free Christmas Decorating with Kids

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What do Occupational Therapists Actually DO? (and why I blog…)

Things have been a bit quiet over here in blog-land... we had a family holiday and I took a little break from all things social media related. There's a few posts that I'm working on but one thing that's been mulling over in my mind is about the reason why I started to blog. And… Continue reading What do Occupational Therapists Actually DO? (and why I blog…)